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Traffic Data Analysis

Montgomery County Govt, Maryland

BEI collected manual turning movement counts to determine the traffic and pedestrian volumes of each possible turning and crossing movement at an intersection over a specified period of time. The time periods are, six hours (7-9am, 11am-1pm, 4-6pm); twelve hours (7am-7pm); thirteen hours (6am-7pm); and any other durations as assigned by the County. One or two counters are required to meet the demands of tracking and inputting all the turning and pedestrian movements.


The data is collected using electronic JAMAR boards and tabulated in 15-minute intervals for the AM, mid-day and PM peak periods as they apply. Field personnel record all field observations at a particular intersection including (but not limited to): pedestrian activity, accidents, construction, improperly timed signals, non-functioning pedestrian push buttons, queues, amongst many other concerns.


In addition, data is also collected using video turning movement counts, once the data is summarized and peak hours have been identified, a capacity analysis is conducted at every signalized and unsignalized intersection using the CLV methodology and LOS is determined for each peak hour. The CLV is calculated based on the Montgomery County and MDSHA lane use factors. The CLV analysis includes the number of lanes, lane use assignments, peak hour volumes and signal phasing, amongst other factors.

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