Civil / Site Engineering

Gaithersburg, Maryland


BEI prepared an engineered site plan for a new 65,000 sqft church building on a 11 acre site.  The site plan provided for parking, utilities and related appurtenances. Considering the flat topography of the site, challenges included site grading for storm water conveyance and overall site grading to eliminate the need for  a previously designed retaining wall.

Permits were obtained from  Montgomery County. 


Key Points

  • Site Grading, E&SC and SWM 

  • Dam Breach Analysis

  • Permitting

GSA Warehouse
Franconia, VA


The warehouse compound consists of several single level office buildings / warehouses. Over the years the water pressure dropped to a point where flow to the buildings was marginal and barely usable.


BEI prepared design and  construction documents to provide for several thousand feet of additional 6 & 12" DIP to supplement the existing water supply network. 


Design provided for installation of new pipe using trenchless methods. Open cut excavation was limited to installation of valves and other related connections, or utility crossings.


Key Points

  • Water main analysis and design

  • Drawings and Specifications

  • Construction Management